Institute of Information and Communication Technologies

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

John Atanasoff Society of Automatics and Informatics, Bulgaria

Big Data, Knowledge and Control Systems Engineering – BdKCSE’2017

7 December 2017, 1000 Sofia Rakovski str. 108, Bulgaria, Hall 105A, Floor 1

7. December 2017

13:0013:05 Opening

13:05–14:35 Plenary session “Complex big data applications in science, engineering, medicine”

Chair of Session: Rumen Andreev

13:05 – Borovska, P., Technical University of Sofia: “Big Data analytics and genetic research

13:35Chikalanov, A., Nikolov, R., Petkov, J. & Petrov, Z., University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, Sofia: “A use-case driven open reference architecture for cross-domain IoT open source component based applications

14:05 Pavlov, Yu., IICT-BAS, Sofia: “Forest ecological management and exhaustible timber production: Preferences based utility approach”

14:35 – 15:50 Invited Research/Industrial presentations Big Data

Chair of Session: Valentina Terzieva

14:35 – Dzhambov, V., IICT-BAS, Sofia: “Definite integrals computation with very high precision, using parallel schemas

15:00Nedeltcheva, G.N.1, Shoikova, E.2, Hristova, E.1, 1Sofia University, 2University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, Sofia: “Challenges of building augmented reality applications enhanced by IoT data and Artificial Intelligence

15:25 – Bachvarov, D.1, Ani Boneva, A.1, Baruh, N.2, Angelov, S.3, Boneva, Y.1, Ilcheva, Zl.1, Ivanova, V.4, 1IICT-BAS, 2SD “ЕLL – Danev, Bozhilov &” , 3OMNITEL Ltd, 4Institute of Robotics-BAS, Bulgaria: “Integrated system for managing microclimate, lighting and energy consumption in technological premises WMCS 100”

15:50 – 16:00 Coffee Break

15:40 – 17:20 Paper sessions “Intelligent control systems and Data Management”

Chair of Session: Yuri Pavlov

15:40 – Nogay, H.S.1, Akinci, T. C.2, Onal, E.2, 1Erciyes University; 2Istanbul Technical University, Turkey: “A Survey in deep convolutional neural networks for diagnosis of diseases”

16:05 – Blagoev, I., Atanasova, T. V., Zankinski, I. A., IICT-BAS, Sofia: “Dual MLP for time series forecasting with hidden layer sharings

16:30 – Čapkovič, Fr.1, Doukovska, L.2, Atanassova, V.3, 1Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences; 2IICT-BAS, 3Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering-BAS, Sofia: Petri Nets in modelling of supervisor based agent cooperation

16:55 – Atanasova, M. I.1, Atanasova, T. V.2, 1Sofia University; 2IICT-BAS, Sofia: “Key drivers and main challenges for renewable energy in telecommunications”

17:20 – 18:35 Paper sessions “Big Data Applications”

Chair of Session: Svetozar Ilchev

17:20 – Onal, E.1, Akinci, T. C.1, Seker, S.1, Nogay, H.S.2, 1Istanbul Technical University; 2Erciyes University, Turkey: “A study about reliability assessment of power system”

17:45 – Todorova, K., Terzieva, V., Kademova-Katzarova, P., IICT-BAS: „Trends and challenges of Big Data: A review”

18:10Gaidarski, I., Kutinchev, P., IICT-BAS, Sofia: Holistic approach to data protection – identifying the weak points in the organization

18:35 – 19:00 Panel discussion Variety of data contributing to the Big Data challenges

19:00 Closing


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