Conference Programme

Invited speakers

Prof. Guy de Tré, “Using Computational Intelligence Techniques for Handling Veracity in Big Data”

Prof. Guy De Tré is Associate Professor at the Department of Telecommunications and Information Processing of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Ghent University. He is head of the Database, Document, and Content Management (DDCM) research group. His research activities are centred on computational intelligence in information management systems, including fundamental research on bipolarity handling, uncertainty handling, multi-valued logics and spatio-temporal modelling and applied research on, among others, big data (NoSQL databases), fuzzy querying, decision support, data quality, and unstructured data.

Prof. Panagiotis Chountas, “Big Data and Change Analytics”

Prof. Panagiotis Chountas from the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the Westminster University works in the area of Data and Knowledge Engineering Intelligent Systems and their application to Business and Public organisation for the purposes of maximising business profitability and achieving more efficient and proactive process management. To this end, his research is focused on the following areas: business intelligent systems; health informatics; large databases and data repositories; digital media storage architectures.

Prof. Martin Mintchev, “From Idea to Market: Development of Intellectual Property in the Area of Information and Communication Technologies”

Prof. Martin Mintchev from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Calgary has extensive experience in biomedical engineering, signal processing and instrumentation. His research is in the area of low-frequency instrumentation, gastrointestinal motility and stimulation, biomedical and oilfield sensors, computer modeling of electrophysiological and physical phenomena, and design of microprocessor-based embedded systems for biomedical and oilfield applications.