Conference Scope

The 8th IEEE International Conference “Big Data, Knowledge and Control Systems Engineering” (BdKCSE’2023) aims to provide an open forum for the dissemination of the current research progress, innovative approaches and original research results on all aspects of Big Data Management, Technologies, and Applications. Organizer of the BdKCSE’2023 Conference is the John Atanasoff Society of Automatics and Informatics, with co-organizers the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Big Data Management, Technologies, and Applications discuss the exponential growth of information size and the innovative methods for data capture, storage, sharing, and analysis. Modern technologies continue to become more complex as do the applications. The integration of technologies, complex relationships of applications and the accelerated technological changes are new challenges to technology management.

Topics such as product development, innovation management, and research and development management have become very popular. Big data spans dimensions as volume, variety, velocity, volatility and veracity, steered towards one critical destination – value. Following from these, the conference is devoted toward improving the understanding, systems engineering, human cognition and modeling, and data.

The conference will help the research community identify the novel important contributions and opportunities for recent research on the different intelligent methodologies and techniques in the field.


  • Big Data Infrastructure
  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Search and Mining
  • Big Data Analysis for Intelligent Education
  • Big Data Applications
  • Big Data Security and Privacy
  • Wireless Big Data Enabled Technologies
  • Knowledge and Data Management
  • System Analysis, Decision Analysis and Decision Support
  • Informatics and Operations Research
  • Intelligent Control Systems
  • IoT Networks for Smart Environments